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Automotive Electrical and Electronic Services

Your vehicle does not only run on gas and oil. Every vehicle’s electrical system plays a vital part for smoother travels on the road. You need functioning lights, a battery powered for longer rides and an alternator that keeps your car charged for the day. Without these, you face risks of car trouble along the way. 

Don’t wait for a breakdown on the road; preventive measures go a long way. Entrust your car with a trusted auto electrical service provider in Te Puke. Work with us. 

At Master Lotz Automotive we have diagnostic Test Equipment and Expertise to diagnose your car accurately and to repair the faults confidently. With years of professional experience, our auto electricians in Te Puke can attend to any concern. From failing engines to malfunctioning lights, we have the tools and expertise for you. We examine your vehicle and deliver electrical services that maximise your vehicle’s potential. 

Below you will find more information about each of the Te Puke auto electric and electronic services we offer:


Is your engine is not running right or you are experiencing starting problems? Idling problems? Running rough? Running on? Using too much fuel? We can test your car efficiently on our diagnostic scope.


Modern vehicles are very sophisticated and replacing the sparkplugs and points only as a tune-up is now a thing of the past. We have a fault code reader to diagnose and a scope to accurately fine-tune your vehicle to keep it running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. If your vehicle is using too much fuel or fails the Warrant of Fitness emission test, we can tune your vehicle to run as efficiently and cleanly as possible.


We can test your battery for free with the latest digital tester, which gives you a clear indication on your batteries condition.

We stock quality BayBat batteries.

We can also recharge your battery and have the latest charging technology available for the new generation Calcium/Calcium batteries.


We can repair central locking faults, door lock actuators or replace computer modules.


With most electric window faults either the switch or the window regulator is faulty. We can test and repair your car accurately for any electric window or sunroof faults.


The alternator keeps the battery charged. If your battery is going flat or your battery light is staying on in your dash your alternator needs a test. We can test your battery and charging system for FREE to check if the battery or the alternator is faulty. We carry out all alternator testing.


If your car won’t start chances are you have a flat battery or your starter motor requires attention. We can test your starting system and carry out all starter motor repairs.


With our test equipment we can test and diagnose faults in those systems and replace the faulty parts to your satisfaction.


We also install turbo timers on diesel and petrol vehicles.


We can fit any stereo systems to your requirements. Whether you need a band expander fitted to your newly imported car, maybe a new CD player. We can even do your mobile phone hands-free installs for you.


We stock a huge range of automotive light bulbs, whether it’s 12v or 24V or LED, from park light bulbs, stop light bulbs, interior bulbs, dash bulbs, you name it we have it and can replace it. We can fit custom LED lights to your vehicle or trailer to suit your requirements. We can also upgrade, update or improve the lights on your vehicle.


We can do complete trailer wiring or trailer plug wiring on your vehicle.
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